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About $1000 per eye last March. I had LASIK in the right eye, but the procedure was changed to PRK in the left eye because the epithelium was fragile and there was a slight flap tear. I'm 20/25 in the right eye and 20/15 in the left eye. By most standards I am a complete success. By my standards I'm not happy at all. Why? Because measures of visual acuity are deceiving. Did you know that you can see two of everything and still read the chart 20/20? Or that everything can be greyed out and you can still read the chart? I have a visual aberration induced by the surgery (why I got this I don't know why) in the right eye called "coma". It causes everything to be slightly fuzzy, the starburst around lights at night to point downward, and everything to be not as brightly colored. This is a quality of vision problem and perhaps it wouldn't be as much of an issue for me if I didn't have such good vision in my left eye. It's a simple matter of closing my right eye to see what I SHOULD be seeing with the right eye. The difference between the eyes is a never-ending source of irritation for me. Rigid gas permeable lenses would help the problem, but my eyes are too dry. I need a wavefront guided enhancement for .5 diopters of mixed astigmatism (has nearsighted and farsighted components), but the technology has not advanced to that point yet.

Bottom line is that I strongly encourage you to do LOTS of homework and don't think that nothing bad will happen to you. It can, even with a low prescription. The worse thing that can happen is not that you will have to wear glasses - it is that nothing could be done to get your vision back. If you value clear vision, keep your glasses or contacts.

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