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I had lasik surgery in the summer of 2002. I was 44 and had worn glasses since I was 7. I was near-sited and had terrible astignatism. I was on the boarder-line of not being able to have it done. I walked in not getting my hopes up of being able to have the procedure, but when they tested my eyes, they came back to say I was indeed a canidate! Wow was I shocked. And a little up-set. My family eye doctor not just a few months before told me I would never be able to have it done. But I thought...what the heck, I'm going to go and check it out for myself. I'm glad I did. The surgery went great and my last check up I was 20/20 in one eye, and 20/15 in the other after being 20/400 before!. My re-coup time was a bit longer than most..meaning the ghostly outlines, and the halos. I still have a bit of star-burst effect at night when I look at bright lights. But nothing to get upset about. I still need glassed when reading,,but thats what getting older will do to you.
A couple of months after I had my eyes done, we took a cruise to the Bahamas. My first time on one and the first time I'd seen the ocean. On one of our excursions, we went to Blue Lagoon Island and I got to swim with 2 dolphins. We also went snorkling. I would of never been able to enjoy that without glasses if I hadnt had the surgery. Ask me? It was worth every penny. And dont be afraid of the procedure itself, its a piece of cake. They will even give you a valium to relax you before they do it. Take it from will want to take it if they offer it to you. I was a nervous wreck. But there was actually nothing to it......10-15 minutes and it's all over. I cant wait to have my eyes done someday to rid of reading glasses :bouncing:

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