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Re: Lasik
Mar 25, 2005
I am 35 and was told that I am "young enough" to not have to worry about my close-up vision. However, I had Lasik 2 weeks ago and have been left with a very, very minor residual astigmatism in my right eye (yes, I had astigmatism before and had to use my glasses for reading). I can still see the text, but it has a slight blur which I find very frustrating and tiring. I am actually looking forward to my one month check up so I can get a prescription for reading glasses. I have not heard of others with this problem, but age is not the only reason you may need reading glasses.


i had lasik done and everything is great. i can tell you that the fact that these people probably cant' see up close after having lasik is most likely due to their age. when you get into your 40s everyone will need help with close. that is just a natural ageing process of the eye. if you are younger than 40ish then you shouldn't have problems with up close.

hope that helps... :)[/QUOTE]

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