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Who told him that information? If it was an eye doctor/surgeon, then believe what they say, they ought to know seeing they specialize in the procedure. There are many unscrupulous practitioners out there that are in it for the money and will perform any procedure on anyone, so long as that person is willing to pay for it. That's why it's important to do your research, including checking out the doctors you are trusting your health to.

I did a google search for "How LASIK Works" and found several interesting and indepth articles on the procedure, including one guy that talks about his entire experience with it. After reading it, I know it's not something I'd be interested in, as I'm super squeamish when it comes to my eyes and having people slicing off layers of my cornea while I watch them coming at me with a sharp object, LOL.

Anyway, if your husband has talked to a LASIK surgeon, and was told no. Believe it. I'd be a whole lot concerned if I heard "no" from one doctor, and another one telling me "Oh heck yes. We can fix you right up today". I value my eyes and I am not about to take risks with them and entrust them to just anyone, because there is a possibility that I could end up being worse than what I am now.

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