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Well after finding out that my cornea is only thick enough for one lasik procedure and no enhancements, I'm pretty put-off by the idea. I've been doing a lot of research and it seems the risks are pretty big and no one really knows what happens to you in the long run. Might be great if you are a prime candidate with a thick cornea, low scrip and small pupils, but since I'm fuctioning well in contacts I can't see the risk being worth the gain for me at this time. If they screw up, which there's a good chance since I have a high myopia, I can't have it done again and since the corea will be flattened I can't wear just any contacts again and would have to get special ones. My pupils are large which gives me a good chance of never seeing well enough to drive in the dark again. Doesn't sound like the miracle it's touted to be! I've been reading a lot of boards and sites from people who had complications and when it's bad, it's really bad. Even if it's a small percentage, that wouldn't matter to me if I was one of them. I hope in five or ten years they've got it down good.

Anyone else look into lasik and decide against it?

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