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Hi, I have had Wavefront Lasik surgery exactly 2 months and 9 days ago. I am suffering from dry eyes as well. I have been told by a few eye doctors that it will eventually get better. My one main concern that terrifies me is the glare and fluctuation I get with my vision almost making it impossible for me to drive at night solely because of dry eyes and not the procedure which is definetely true. My vision after surgery is 20/20 but of course with glare. When I put a drop or 2 in my eyes at night and wait a few seconds I notice the glare sometimes completely disappear, but usually not for long. I was told that eventually my good days will outway the bad ones and then it will all be good days. They said about 3 months so Im coming to the wire here and I'm not too sure. Does or did anyone else have these glare problems due to dry eyes and if so how long before they were gone? Thanks all and I look foward to hearing from you. Oh- Im also doing the flax seed oil thing, Restasis, and pretty much everything else your supposed to do to combat this problem.


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