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I have considered doing Lasik or PRK or something in the future, but I have a question....

After you get the surgery done, if you still don't have perfect vision, can you wear contacts again or are you stuck with glasses?

I'm ok with my contacts.. I have the Focus night and day that you sleep in for 30 days, they are ok. I HATE glasses... they rub my ears and nose and I can't ever get any that look good on me. I would hate to be resigned to glasses.

One thing I hate... I had surgery done (non eye related), and in preop, you weren't allowed your contacts, only glasses, then they take those away from you and I couldn't even see the anesthesiologist when he came in. Annoyed me so much! That's one reason I thought about the Lasik.

Another annoyance is swimming. I'm not an avid swimmer, but when I do, I have to keep my eyes shut under water to hold my contacts in, or take out my contacts and be near blind. That's annoying too!

My vision in my right eye is -6.50, left is -5.50. With contacts, I actually see better than 20/20.

Anyhow, that's my question.... can you wear contacts after Lasik?


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