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I just had my Lasik yesterday :D and I am very pleased with the results. The key to Lasik your research, get a reputable doctor, make sure you get a good pre-exam and know what makes a good candidate vs. a bad candidate. If you are not a good candidate, the opthamologist should refuse to perform the surgery. I chose the Bausch and Lomb Flying Spot Laser. Do your research online and read the FDA results before choosing your laser and doctor.

My surgery was not pain-free as described by virtually everyone who gets the surgery. I had quite a bit of discomfort from the device holding my eye open. But, the laser didn't hurt at all. The weird thing was the smell of the laser. Anyone notice that? I had a lot of discomfort yesterday, but sleep and vicadin :) took care of that.

I am amazed with the results today and could actually see my clock by my bed (what a weird thing! but anyone with bad eyes can relate). I could also see my face in the mirror! I am reading road signs, books, watching TV, and seeing 20/25 already. It should only improve!

It was a good decision, worth the money (don't feel guilty about spending the money and don't choose the "cheap place" in town), and I feel good about the result. Remember, the cost of your surgery will pay for itself in 5-7 years (factoring contacts, glasses, and solution). I hope you are a success story too! Just do your research!
Congratulations! I had my LASIK yesterday too, but I am not as successful. I can barely see the keyboard clearly right now. Earlier today my right eye was great, as sharp as with my glasses or contacts. On my repeat exam this morning I was told the right was 20/25 & left 20/50. The suction device sort of "stuck" too long yesterday on the first (left) eye; I heard the surgeon say twice "it's not off" & that was so uncomfortable I had thoughts of what would happen if I said stop & not do the right eye. The Dr. this am said the flap on the right was great, one of the best he'd seen, then when he looked at the left he had no comment. I had questions about how they did enhancements if needed, just out of curiousity as I'd read a little about them on this site but he just kept saying "don't worry about that, it's much too soon to know if you need that" but I really just wanted the info :confused: . I worry much less if everything is spelled out ahead of time . I am one of the older people doing this so I will also need reading glasses after. I wonder if it is possible to do a contact over the LASIK eye I want to use for near vision during the day at work (I must read all day) & be able to take it out when driving home? Does anyone know if this might work/or has tried it?

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