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choosing to mess with your eyes is a big i thought about a year..then had to wait an additional 10 months for my corneas to go back to normal shape...I chose to go with my current eye i wanted the one checking my eyes ..knowing my history..and following up...i was more confident in that...i am two weeks past lasik..seeing 20/25 both eyes at this time...after being 20/ far no halos or the horror stories people told me...the surgery took a few pain...and just a little dry eye discomfort afterward..infection is a big thing after...many people see and feel good they quit medicating..i think that is a big issue..i am looking forward to the dusty horse trail without crying with contacts..I would do it again in a second! i wish you luck in what you decide to do ;o)
I have pretty bad anxiety as well. I am fairly calm today given the fact that in less than 24 hours, I should be done with my procedure. My biggest issues are with whatever objects they need to use in, on or around my eyes to keep them open. It is this whole freaky thing with me. I hate to have my eyes touched. My doctor offers Valium which I am planning on taking. I think I might be a mess if I don't and I would hate for him to have to say no to my operation due to me being a shaky wreck on the table. So, I am hoping that the Valium works as well as everyone says it does. The one poster that said that the device his doc used to hold his eyes open hurt is freaking me out. My biggest fear is pain of my eye lids. Can you imagine. I can pretty much deal with the slicing of my cornea and the laser. It is the whole eyelids being messed with thing that I am having a hard time getting over. How crazy am I? Hehe! Anyway, I just want it done and over with. I look forward to this time tomorrow because I should actually be on my way out of the door if not already home and resting by this time tomorrow. I can't wait. And, believe me, it has been a long week since the exam and a longer 2+ weeks since my final decision to actually have it done. I always said "Absolutely not" when the procedure first came out and even up to a year ago. Then, over the past year I have gotten more and more sick of my glasses and the little help in my eyesight that they are. So, it has only been over the past year that I have really been ready to do it.
Thanks again for all of your kind words. I hope you are feeling well and seeing better today. Get some Advil migraine for those headaches. They are a God Send!

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