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Hi everyone. My husband is wanting to get his eyes fixed, (near sighted) and we are trying to figure what surgery we want done. Has anyone ever had PRK, Lasik, or Intralasik? If so what were your experiences, was there much pain, how about the healing process, and the over all results? Any information would be helpful. Thank You

I'm in same boat as him.
choosing to mess with your eyes is a big i thought about a year..then had to wait an additional 10 months for my corneas to go back to normal shape...I chose to go with my current eye i wanted the one checking my eyes ..knowing my history..and following up...i was more confident in that...i am two weeks past lasik..seeing 20/25 both eyes at this time...after being 20/ far no halos or the horror stories people told me...the surgery took a few pain...and just a little dry eye discomfort afterward..infection is a big thing after...many people see and feel good they quit medicating..i think that is a big issue..i am looking forward to the dusty horse trail without crying with contacts..I would do it again in a second! i wish you luck in what you decide to do ;o)
hmm all these terms can be confusing, and from i know...

I got the intralase laser to make the flap because I have thin corneas and its more precise of a cut...

and the correction laser was done by the nyder laser I believe...

it was very painless, and i was -3.75 near sighted and the next day i went back for the checkup and could read the bottom line of the chart w/ both eyes, one being a little fuzy/hazy still, but told part of healing as that eyes more rules! Would do it again in a heartbeat...the horror stories we've all heard....but even if there are problems, i heard they are all correctable usually with either drops or follow up surgeries.
ScionTC05, I just want to tell you how very comforting your posts are. I am scheduled to get my procedure done this Wednesday (just 2 more days) and I have been a little jittery and feeling a little less than confident since yesterday. It isn't a lack of confidence in my doctor. He has over 20,000 of these under his belt and is a well documented success. It is just the fear of pain or discomfort that has me a little wiggy. Thank you so much for all of the encouraging posts you have made. They are very helpful. I know they weren't directed towards me but, anything possitive people can say these few days before my surgery help me, and I am sure others, enormously!
Thank you!
hey, no problem! Yea my doc has done like 30,000+ plus. And remember too, I have anxiety problems, and usually get nervous easily and freak out. But the doctor kept me calm. Just maybe ask your doctor to make sure and talk to you and tell you what he is doing while he is. Because that helped me, saying this is normal, you wont be able to see much for a few seconds, your doing great type things. They helped keep me at ease...

Make sure and let me know how it goes! I'm sure you'll love it. I wear my goggle things still and your suppose to only have to wear them 3 nights. I'm just being super safe i dont rub my eyes at night haha.

I was wanting this done for years, and when i took my friend to get it done, it eased my mind. He went in/out so easily, and was out the next day. I was amazed, and his mom also got it done, and loved it!

Hating Glasses -

just wanted to also say you should be fine, but it is freaky, i mean it is your eyes. My one eye is still a little fuzzy and i kinda got a headache, but things that i've read that are normal after the surgery. I've had mine done now since the 12th and todays the 17th and today i am having a bad day...but i think its because its snowy out and we were driving around and my eye got irritated from squinting because i didnt have my sun glasses w/ me. LIke I said i got anxiety, and i start flipping out, thinking the worst hehe. its only going on my 5th day, and they said it can take 6-8 weeks to heal...I just get worried they under corrected the eye and I'll need the surgery for a touch again. because my right eyes like its brand new. its amazing. But like i've read, any side effects are usually fixable.

Just make sure and let us know how it goes! I know the day after iwas able to come home and get on the computer still, but dont over do it, as it strains your eyes i do most bright lights/tv type things. I got V8 juice too, since carrots are suppose to be good for your eyes, figured maybe help the healing process :)

Cya! and just come home and take a nice nap :) what I did after, and woke up seeing haha.
I have pretty bad anxiety as well. I am fairly calm today given the fact that in less than 24 hours, I should be done with my procedure. My biggest issues are with whatever objects they need to use in, on or around my eyes to keep them open. It is this whole freaky thing with me. I hate to have my eyes touched. My doctor offers Valium which I am planning on taking. I think I might be a mess if I don't and I would hate for him to have to say no to my operation due to me being a shaky wreck on the table. So, I am hoping that the Valium works as well as everyone says it does. The one poster that said that the device his doc used to hold his eyes open hurt is freaking me out. My biggest fear is pain of my eye lids. Can you imagine. I can pretty much deal with the slicing of my cornea and the laser. It is the whole eyelids being messed with thing that I am having a hard time getting over. How crazy am I? Hehe! Anyway, I just want it done and over with. I look forward to this time tomorrow because I should actually be on my way out of the door if not already home and resting by this time tomorrow. I can't wait. And, believe me, it has been a long week since the exam and a longer 2+ weeks since my final decision to actually have it done. I always said "Absolutely not" when the procedure first came out and even up to a year ago. Then, over the past year I have gotten more and more sick of my glasses and the little help in my eyesight that they are. So, it has only been over the past year that I have really been ready to do it.
Thanks again for all of your kind words. I hope you are feeling well and seeing better today. Get some Advil migraine for those headaches. They are a God Send!
haha cool! even if say it does hurt/irritate your eye/ goes by SO quick, just go with it and dont overthink things. I'll be honest my one eye scares me, because its hazy and gives me a kind of weird vision, but I gotta understand its healing and maybe not as quick as the other did. and that its still got to heal more. I go tomorrow for my checkup...So im drinking v8 juice to help heal as they say its good for your eyes haha. either way i can see SO well, but i think the hazy eye, may just have a case of dry eye, because after drops its pretty clear...prob all it is...because its clear still when i focus...should be ok in a week or so i'd imagine...

it was so awesome today seeing good! Some people say their night vision is bad, but i could see signs and such SO vivid and hardly have any haloing, its going away daily! Its amazing. Once this eye clears up, i'll be in heaven :-D
Once again! Good advice and calming words. I know I need to just relax and think "It will all be over soon". One of the nurses said that the suction thing is only on each eye for 5 seconds and that my doctor will count it down. So, to prepare, I have been holding my eye lid open, not blinking and even holding a finger on my eye for 5 seconds to get used to it! Heheh! Am I a freak or what? Anyway, it is the longer eyelid holding thing during the laser that is freaking me out most I think. I really am trying to get over the fact that that one will be on for several seconds up to a minute. Ugh! That one scares the junk out of me. I'll get over it...hopefully!
the suctions were on my eyes for 60 seconds each, while it made the intralase flap. the one that is blurry i get nervous because i dont know if its just blurry cause its healing different or because it needs a touchup...hopefully healing ;) i dont wanna go thru it again, even tho its not bad, just a hassle more than anything. but if i have to, I will to make it better...

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