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Hating Glasses -

just wanted to also say you should be fine, but it is freaky, i mean it is your eyes. My one eye is still a little fuzzy and i kinda got a headache, but things that i've read that are normal after the surgery. I've had mine done now since the 12th and todays the 17th and today i am having a bad day...but i think its because its snowy out and we were driving around and my eye got irritated from squinting because i didnt have my sun glasses w/ me. LIke I said i got anxiety, and i start flipping out, thinking the worst hehe. its only going on my 5th day, and they said it can take 6-8 weeks to heal...I just get worried they under corrected the eye and I'll need the surgery for a touch again. because my right eyes like its brand new. its amazing. But like i've read, any side effects are usually fixable.

Just make sure and let us know how it goes! I know the day after iwas able to come home and get on the computer still, but dont over do it, as it strains your eyes i do most bright lights/tv type things. I got V8 juice too, since carrots are suppose to be good for your eyes, figured maybe help the healing process :)

Cya! and just come home and take a nice nap :) what I did after, and woke up seeing haha.

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