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Just got back from my one month check up. I am now 20/40 in both eyes but my near vision has improved (two lines) so that I can read the newspaper and use the computer without glasses. I am 57, almost 58 so the near vision is a plus, trust me). The doctor and I discussed things and decided that I will have the enhancement on my left (dominant eye) after another month of healing and will leave the right eye undercorrected at 20/40. This will not be true monovision but what is called partial monovision. I think I could happily live with them as they are right now if the halos continue to improve. Getting the dominant eye enhanced will just add to my pleasure. I will not have to have the suction device and have the flap cut again. She will be able to just lift the old flap, do the enhancement and I'll be on my way. She says it will be a lot quicker and even easier than the first surgery. Remember I had the problem with the laser which the doctor and I discussed at length today. She apologized over and over about my bad experience. She said she talked to the CEO at Baush and Lomb and told them that she wanted the laser machine replaced because of my experience. She will have the new laser before she does surgery on me for the second time. I too may just write a letter of complaint because what I went through was horrific. Anyway, I am thrilled that I have not lost all of my near vision as was thought and that I will have the partial monovision in a few weeks and I should be seeing 20/20 at distance which will be just perfect for this old lady.

Again, I just stress to go to a good surgeon and you will not be disappointed.

Realize too that if you are young now and get distant correction that you will eventually lose your near vision when you get to be in your mid to late 40's when presbyopia sets in. That is part of the normal aging progess that causes people to get bifocals or reading glasses over normal eyes when they get to be middle aged. That is a very common problem of aging.

For my prescription, my astigmatism and my age, I think I have had wonderful results with the lasik. Remember everyone is not 20/20 from the beginning and that does not mean that the operation was not successful.


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