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I am one month post-op from Wavefront Custom Lasik. I love it.

I am old--- older than most people who have the procedure. I am 57 almost 58. I had worn thick glasses since the 4th grade and have dreamed of having the lasik but was told that I was not a good candidate before the wavefront procedure. I had a strong prescription and a large amount of astigmatism in both eyes.

I had the procedure done on December 9th in Wilmington, NC. The procedure was painless but not without anxiety. I had the machine malfunction after the right eye was finished. I had to leave the operating room for an undetermined period of time ( I was on Valium so I have no idea how long it was). I became increasingly upset with the wait. I was taken back into the operating room, put under the machine again and I was told that there was still a problem and the machine needed to recycle which would take 9 minutes. I was taken off the table for the second time. By now, my heart is pounding and I am ready to throw up. My poor husband is in the waiting room, thinking this procedure is going to take 10 minutes until he is to rejoin me in recovery. He says it was over two hours but I really don't know because of the medication. I was taken back into the operating room and then I had trouble keeping my eye focused on the blinking light.

The next day, I drove myself the 50 miles to my 8:00 am appointment and had no real problems. I was like a kid in a candy shop with pure joy. I did have some trouble with the halos around the headlights on the oncoming cars. My vision was 20/30 in the first eye and only 20/40 in the second one. I know this is not what most people get at the first checkup but I want you to know that I started at 20/400 or worse in each eye. One week follow up was slightly worse with each eye being only 20/40. I go tomorrow for my one month checkup and I expect that the vision will be slightly better. You can legally and safely drive with 20/40 vison. The doctor says I can get an enhancement if I want to achieve 20/20. After my little problem in the operating room, I'm not sure if I will get an enhancement or not. I can read the newspaper and use the computer without any glasses--- although since I elected not to get monovision I was told that I would lose all of my near vision. I am not sure how "near vision" is defined but I have not had any problems with vision I have now. I may actually need "glasses" to thread a needle or tweeze my eyebrows but that is no big deal.

I don't want to sound negative and if I do, I apologize. I am thrilled with my results. I think you have to realize that 20/20 vision and never having to wear glasses for any reason should never be promised.

I do have halos at night but they are improving and hopefully when my eyes are completely healed they will no longer be a problem. My brother-in-law had regular lasik five years ago when he about my age and the halos are gone and he is very happy also. You just have to have reasonable expectations or else you may not be happy with your results.


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