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I got lasik intralase done on 1-12, on both eyes. I had -3.75 vision and the day after surgery I told them my right eye was really clear, but my lefts slightly hazy. Its like if i cover my right eye, my left eye is slightly fuzzy, then focuses in like binoculars sort of. Its weird. The doctor said that eye was more inflammed, and it should go away. Before surgery, that eye was my stronger eye, and now i can see better out of my other eye. I have heard the haze is normal and can come in/out during healing as well as halos...

Just curious anyone else had the haze effect, and how long it took until it cleared up? Otherwise this surgery is amazing! and hopefully it heals up, or maybe its a case of its under corrected and needs redone slightly. I go in another week for a checkup again...

just wanted some other peoples stories :)

My left eye was hazy as well..reminded me of having a dirty contact in..but with time mine has was the worse of both eyes as well..i saw crystal clear right away with my right eye..i just had my one month follow up and i see 20/20 in the right and 20/25 in left...but its improving still..dont be in a hurry...
haha thats good to know. I just feel like you said a dirty contact or that i have a contact in my left thats not strong enough. But the surgery went awesome on the right eye. its perfect! my biggest thing is if i have to have the touchup surgery done on the left. I hope it clears, because its weird looking. I leave in just a few minutes to get my checkup done to see how they say it looks. Hopefully they say its still clearing out.
I had intralase lasik on 2/1/06. The day after, my left eye was perfect, but my right eye has this fog/haze similar to what some other folks say in this thread. It is both near and far and makes it appear as if I'm looking through a smokey restaurant with that eye. I have not seen any change since surgery. If anyone else has had or has a similar experience, could they please post it here and state how long it lasted.
[QUOTE=ScionTC05]....I told them my right eye was really clear, but my lefts slightly hazy.....[/QUOTE]

I am having the same effect as you post-op. My left is blurry/foggy mostly in the morning or the more I use pres.-free drops. It seems to clear up mostly by the afternoon. I had punctal plugs put in pre-op to help with drying and healing. I think my blurry/fogginess is b/c of the nighttime gel I use before I go to sleep. When I wake it seems to still be around but mostly in my left eye until about lunch time. I noticed the more I use at night the worse it is the next day. I can almost see some kind of film in my eye lift upwards with my eyelid everytime I blink.

I think once I stop using the gel, and all the other medicated drops, it will clear up and happen less frequently, hopefully.

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