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I had intralase done almost 2 months ago. It was healing very slowly. I couldn`t focuse on objects for a long time. Eyes got tired quickly and felt weak. I had dry eyes and some pain. Also, vision was not like it was with glasses, especially for the first weeks. It felt as if you are looking through some sort of glass which was not natural. I did have some blurriness in the right eye which was quite bothersome, seems like it`s going away now.
Currently, the main problem for me is that the quality of vision after this procedure is not as good as it was with glasses, it`s not as sharp and crisp, and it feels like I need to put glasses back on to get the sharpness back. They told me I have 20.15, 20.20 vision, but It feels like I`m looking through some very thin vail or smth which is quite irritating. The difference in the quality of vision and pain in the eyes caused me a lot of stress. Mine was conventional intralase Lasik as I understand I didn`t need Custom. Also, the procedure was very painful as they apply a lot of pressure to the eyes for the laser to make the flap for smth like 30 seconds per eye.
What was your healing process after intralase like and what is the quality of vision like, is it the same as with glasses?

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