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Re: Did PRK in OCT
Jun 14, 2007
I was also unable to be corrected at the one month mark and was VERY worried that I was pretty much screwed. After all, I couldn't get clear vision even with glasses. The good news - that part did improve and heal. I can now be corrected to 20/20. The bad news - I need glasses or contacts to see 20/20. I'm at .75 with .75 astigmatism so I can get by without glasses but it's not a great way to go around having everything fuzzy and I need to wear glasses nearly all the time at work or if I want to enjoy a movie or drive somewhere unfamiliar.

I completely understand how hard it is to log in and have someone say "Yay, my vision has cleared up at 3 weeks and now I see 20/20." And that could still be you. I read one guy last summer who got to 20/20 at the 3 month mark. And if not, most people get good results if they have an enhancement - I seem to be some kind of odd situation. But I understand that it's hard to think about going through this again.

Jake, I just read your post in another thread and I don't think an enhancement is out of the question. I had very thin corneas. That's why the epi followed by PRK enhancement. Your PRK eye has had very little tissue removed and they can do more. My doc is suggesting a third surgery on my eye and says we could keep on until we get it right. Actually, that wasn't a particularly reassuring thing for him to say!

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