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Re: Did PRK in OCT
Aug 31, 2007
Hi again Jake

I haven't followed the boards lately since I have nothing new to report, but thought I'd give it one last post. No improvement in my vision. All ranges of vision are blurry. I need to wear glasses to see anything clearly. My monovision eye lets me read without glasses, so I take them off to read. Very annoying. Two months ago, my surgeon suggested we could keep doing enhancements as long as needed, it's very little tissue, etc. He put it all on me - I have to get the courage to do more, I have to decide what range of vision is acceptable to me since at my age I can't have them all. He also put the poor results on me - I didn't say I wanted to see clearly at all ranges of vision, I should have known I couldn't, etc. Heck - I don't see clearly at any range! And I don't think he believes me.

So, the eye doc at the clinic and I spent weeks trying various contact lens strengths and when that didn't work, I got a pair of glasses that give me 2 feet to about 10 feet clear and further out a very acceptable "pretty clear." I would wear reading glasses with this correction. I had decided that if we did another enhancement on both eyes, I would go that route.

Last week, we brought the surgeon back in and he looked at the prescription that worked and asked what I thought about having more surgery. I said I would like to but needed to know what we would do differently to up the odds of better results since the results I got couldn't have been his plan. I guess that was the wrong thing to ask! He said he wouldn't do anything differently. I asked what the odds were of getting decent results with a third surgery and he said low. He doesn't recommend further surgery. He cited my "expectations" as one reason. What a jerk. Are there people who are pleased to see poorly? And why did he have the eye doc and I waste all that time trying prescriptions ? I asked once again why he thought I had such poor results and what caused such blurry vision with such a low prescription and he answered "I dont know." He couldn't get rid of me quick enough. This guy speaks at conferences all over the world, publishes in numerous journals, participates in research and yet he doesn't give a crap about one challenging patient.

End result - I will see the eye doc in 6 months and get a prescription for progressives with GOOD distance, GOOD mid-range and they might as well put reading in there too since I'll have to wear them all day long. That will be my last visit to that vision center. Some year maybe I'll go to another surgeon and see what options I have but for now I am burnt out on lasik and surgeons.

You will no doubt have good results with your enhancement. I seem to be a rarity. I really have never heard of anyone who didn't get 20/20 with their enhancement.

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