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Re: Did PRK in OCT
Jun 13, 2007
Hi Jake

I had epi-lasik last summer and did not have good results in one eye and then regressed so I had an enhancement with PRK in December. I'm sorry to say I still haven't had good results and have regressed again. I know some have good vision post PRK, but I didn't. I don't know if it's my eyes, my surgeon or PRK.

Epi-lasik is slower to heal and more painful than Lasik and PRK is even more so. Plan on not really seeing functionally for a week and don't try to be a hero about the pain. If they offer you meds, take them. If they only offer you drops, ask for meds!! Seriously. The pain was manageable with drugs and if I thought I'd get good vision with PRK, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

At one week, I still had the bandage contact in. It had to be changed after 3 days because it got tight and it hurt. On the second or third day you get a big haze in your eye as the cells regrow and after the contact came out, my eyes went really blurry for a few days. After that, I was functional but not great. I think for most people it gets sharper over the next 3 - 6 months.

Your eyes get dry while you sleep and when you wake up it can be quite painful. I kept eye drops next to the bed and everytime I woke up, I put some in. That helped a lot.

Plan to take a week off due to poor vision, being drugged up and needing to go into the eye clinic if necessary. I was very light sensitive and spent most of the time lying around in a daze in a dark room listening to books on tape. I really couldn't safely drive for the first week. Most surgeons will only do one eye at a time with PRK, so plan on doing this twice.

Hope this helps.

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