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Hey Bright Eyes...those freaking goggles make it difficult to sleep but, I am glad they are there. I don't think that I have as much of a chance of rubbing my eyes in my sleep as I have of doing it when I wake up (first thing). I might have done it this morning because of how dry they were (particularly my left) if it weren't for my goggles. I hate the thought of having to wear them until my fours weeks of not rubbing banishment is up! But, I might have to just because I really think it is a distinct possibility that I will forget when I wake up.

I didn't think I had done any damage to my right eye with the dropper but, I wanted to be safe instead of sorry.

Was there a brand name on your Saline bottle? My doc said it would just be called Saline. But, if there were a brand name I could work with, that would help enormously. My doc provided me with my drops and the Econopred. He wrote me a prescription for the Vigamox which I picked up the day after I found out I was a candidate. As far as the Saline, that is the only thing they didn't provide me with. I got a little tote bag of goodies (the goggles, sunglasses, econopred, eye drops and post op care sheet). I hope I find the saline because I would hate like heck not to find it and end up having problems with my eyes in the future. I might buy a pair of swimming goggles just to make sure that no water gets on my eye lids and into my eyes as I shower. I want to be able to wash my face without the stress of getting any of the stuff I use to wash my face in my eyes. Hehehe! That would suck!

I am so stoked about my surgery too and am so glad that this board is here because I love having others to share my experience, as well as yours and others, with. I would probably drive my friends and family nuts talking about it if it weren't for you all and this forum! Hehehe! I think I have already talked 2 people into getting it done! My boss and one of my neighbors down the street are saying they are going to do it. My neighbor said that I should do marketing for LasikPlus (my doctors). Hehehe!

Thank you for varifying that the Saline is actually out there somewhere! Hehehe! I really hope I find it!

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