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Hey Scion,
I had my first follow-up appointment yesterday and he gave me something to read over. What he gave me made me think of you and how nervous you are about your blurry eye. Before I quote what the sheet he gave me said, I want to let you know that I woke up with a really dry left eye and today, so far, that eye is pretty blurry. So, it is a healing process and even though it bugs me because I was doing so well yesterday, I am trying not to let it concern me.

So, now let me quote what the sheet my doc gave me said:
"Before laser surgery, no one compares the vision between their 2 eyes. After laser surgery, EVERYONE compares the vision between their 2 eyes, and their vision with everyone nearby. DO NOT DO THIS. There was a natural difference between the eyes before surgery and there will be a difference after surgery. Your two feet are different, your hands are different, your ears are different and your eyes will be different as well. Our objective is to make the vision as close and natural as the eyes will allow.
You vision will dluctuate, day-to-day, time-of-day to time-of-day, and eye-to-eye. This is normal. The non-laser surgery eye does the same.
You will see a haze around lights in dim illumination. This will persist for months to come, but will drastically improve in the next 10-14 days.
Your eyes will be dry - especially when you first get un in the morning. This will last for months to come, but will improve in the next 45 days.
You may observe "RED SPOTS" on the white of your eyes - especially under the lids. This is due to the microkeratome suction during Lasik and is NORMAL. These may take 2-6 weeks to dissipate."

I hope this helps calm your nerves about the blurriness and any other things you may be experiencing. I think I might re-read it every day as my eyes heal to keep me calm during those days when I am slightly blurry.

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