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i am 46 years old, been wearing glasses since i was 10, contacts since i was 17 and monovision contacts for about 5 years. i had no problems adjusting to the monovision. when i went to the lasik doc to have corrective surgery consultation, he and all of the nurses who preformed tests on me suggested strongly that i do monovision correction. after much thought, i decided to do that since the reason i was there was to rid myself of glasses and contacts. i didn't want to be 'glued' to a pair of reading glasses. they did my right eye for distance as it was with the contacts and my left eye for close up. after the surgery, i could see wonderfully within 10' or so, but my distance vision was less than desirable. after the usual day after, week after, month after follow up visits, the doc agreed that i needed an enhancement done on the distance eye. he said i had a slight astigmatism and that was probably causing the blurriness. i waited 3 months for the enhancement (normal wait time for enhancement) and had it done 4 days ago. i can see little or no difference now after the enhancement. when i went the day after and read the charts, he told me that it was still early and that my vision may correct on it's own in the next few days or weeks. i asked what my options were in case this didn't happen. he said he could enhance the same eye again (this would mean three surgeries on the same eye) OR i could enhance the close up eye to distance which would make my vision much better, but then i would be back to wearing reading glasses. has anyone out there had this problem and if so, is there any more 'risk' of having the enhancement done a second time or is it the same? am i asking for problems down the road by having this done AGAIN? i can see to drive, but cannot read street signs until i'm right up on them. if i'm in familiar territory, this is no problem, but otherwise, i would need glasses. the enhancement was easier than the original surgery as they simply lift the flap and don't have to cut it again.

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