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Re: Afraid of Lasik
Feb 10, 2005
Hi "Afraid",

I'm 67 years young, but I thought I'd share my vision experience with you to help you overcome your fear. I started wearing glasses when I was in college, but later, I transitioned to hard contacts when I began my career in the aerospace world. After a few years, I started having to wear reading glasses in addition to my normal vision glasses. Needless to say, this became a real nuisance!
However, as the field of vision correction became more advanced, I chose to have radial keratotomy performed by a well-known doctor in Glendale California. If you are not familiar with this "old" technology, it involves cutting the cornea with a micro-thin roller blade held within a micrometer-type instrument. Radial cuts on the surface of the cornea reshapes the eye's cornea "lens". After the first "surgery", my vision was so improved in the one eye I had done that I went back to have both eyes done. The doctor performed Monovision surgery on both eyes (one eye for near vision and the other eye for far vision. This was done in 1977, and was the greatest solution for my vision problems for the next eighteen years.

Then, my vision started to deteriorate again, and I starting checking into LASIK. I found a remarkable doctor who had treated a lot of professional atheletes, celebrities, and others, and subsequently had him perform the same type of LASIK vision correction on both my eyes (Monovision-one eye for reading and the other for distance). This procedure was done about 1995, and my vision is just now starting to show signs of gradual degradation again. I have recently started to wear reading glasses again.

As to your being "afraid of LASIK', I would offer two pieces of advice; first, my own experience provides an excellent example of what can be achieved by proper use of medical advances in vision care, BUT, as my second piece of advice, I caution you to make sure you select the Doctor and the FACILITY/EQUIPMENT CAREFULLY!! Your doctor should use the 4000 tracks/second auto tracking feature which automates the laser cutting activity. DO NOT GO TO ONE OF THE LOW PRICED "PRODUCTION MILLS" FOR THIS TYPE SURGERY. Good Luck!
Re: Afraid of Lasik
Feb 15, 2005
Have no fear. I was the biggest baby ever the world's history about having my eyes touched. Even that little pressure gauge thing that blows air in your eyes used to freak me out. Trust me. It is so much worse in your mind than it actually is in reality. You don't feel the procedure. There is the most minor of discomfort with your eyelids during the procedure but, it isn't pain. It is just the inability to blink that might freak you out the most. But, like I said, I used to get the worst case of willies even thinking about my eyes and eyelids being messed with. As for the sedative, they gave me valium but, they gave it to me less than 2 minutes before I went it because no one had asked me if I wanted any before I was ready for the procedure so, it didn't really take until just after the procedure for me. But, I would imagine that if you get to take it in plenty of enough time for it to get dispersed throughout your body, it should help.

This was the best thing I have ever done for myself. If you are a candidate and you chose not to do it...forgive me for saying this but, you are a fool! Hehehe!

I didn't feel the itchiness because I was told to get home A.S.A.P. and take a nap. Once the numbing drops wear off, you may feel some slight burning or itchiness but, if you can get to sleep soon enough (within and hour of the procedure) you won't feel it. The only time you might feel the desire or need to rub would be when you are sleeping. But, they give you a pair of goggles to wear to bed for the first 3 nights post op. You can choose to wear them for long after if you want. That is up to you. The only discomfort I experienced was dryness and the feeling of an eyelash in my eyes now and then throughout the first 2 weeks of healing. I had my procedure done 4 weeks ago tomorrow. I still experience dryness but, nothing I can't handle.

If this is something you are thinking about, go for it. First see if you are a candidate and then if you are...just do it. You won't regret it. Being able to see without glasses or contacts is way worth any minor discomfort you might experience.

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