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i had lasik in october with a monovison correction. that's where they correct one eye for close up and one eye for distance---i'm 47. my close up vision is great---up to about 10'. my distance eye is 20/40. i was told it would get better after a week, then a month, then three months. i had enhancement surgery done in january and i'm having it done again because the first enhancement didn't do much at all (same eye, third surgery) hopefully, next week. don't get me wrong, it sounds like i'm complaining. it's the best thing i've ever done, but my distance vision is just not crisp. i can drive where i'm familiar, but i can't read a street sign until it's too late either! i got a pair of glasses with a very little Rx so that i could use them for driving. i can see fine inside, but when i get outside and look into the distance, it's still a problem. the doc says that the next enhancement will be the charm. i hope so. you may need to get an enhancement which they can't/won't do for three months. i know how you feel. i would not be able to shoot a gun with my eyesight at this point.

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