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Wow! What can I say! I got my surgery 1 month and 2 weeks ago and last night, I was crawling into bed when I just glanced into the bathroom at the alarm clock my hubby keeps on his side of the sink in the bathroom. I don't know for sure but, I don't think with my glasses I would have been able to see the time on that clock. Post-op, I could see it. There was a minor pulling feeling in my right eye while reading that clock only because that eye was the worst, 20/50 nearsighted and a slight case of farsightedness with a high level of astigmatism. Given that problem, it is having to learn how to move from near to far and was slightly over-corrected (not a bad thing). So, there is this minor distortion when I am reading something from a distance. My doc has told me that will correct itself and I am not worried. Anyway, your question about whether the cost is worth it? YES! YES! YES! I would pay double or more what I paid to be seeing the way I am. By the way, I am seeing 20/15 as of my last post-op follow up and, I won't know until June but, I think that it may be 20/10 now. I never knew it was possible to see better than 20/20 but, I am living proof that it is! Lasik was the best thing I ever did for myself.
As for problems, your eyes may get dry pretty easily for the first month but, even after 2 weeks post-op, the dryness gets better. I find that my dryness depends on where I am. I have humidifiers at home so, my eyes stay pretty moist there but, at work, they get a little drier. No big deal. It has gotten better since last week and I look forward to how much better it will be next week.

GMUJenn, if you are a candidate, don't opt not to do it based on cost. Just make sure you have a good doctor and let them take care of you. Just imagine not having to put on glasses or contacts. Imagine not having to clean them (the glasses more than once a day if you are like me). Imagine seeing colors the way nature intended you to see them. Imagine looking across the room at a clock and not having to squint to see it. Now you tell me, do you think the cost is worth it? You won't get a no out of me!

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