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I had lasik about two months ago and it was great!! I can't say the procedure was fun, but it was quick and I could see crystal clear after going home for a short nap to let my eyes rest (Dr's orders :) ). I went to University Ophthalmic Consultants of Washington (In DC) but I think you can find great Dr's all around the country.

My first suggestion would be to go through your health insurance if you have it. I paid about average price ($895/eye) but got a Dr. that was really at the top of the field. I also visited Lasik Vision Institute and Lasik Plus, and while they offered similar prices, I was much more impressed with the Dr. going through my insurance, plus you know they do a good job because otherwise your reputable (hopefully!) heath insurance company would not partner up with them.

I also felt weird about the "hard sell" tactics of the salesman at Lasik Vision Institue (they wouldnt even let me see an acutal dr. when I visited) I felt like the only 'qualification' I needed to be a canidate for the surgery was a visa card. He even called me several times to get me to sign up.

Needless to say, I felt weird, so I did a search of the company and found out a lot of unflattering things about the president of the company and some scary stuff with eye infections that happened in Florida. They also [I]insisted[/I] on the puncal plugs, which I thought unnessisary and read that you only really need them for severe dry eyes and that they should not be given just because. I am sure they would have done a great job, but I am glad I didnt let my eye surgery go to the lowest bidder.

Good luck Jen, in getting the surgery, my eyes still feel dry at times and can get tired easily, but I must say that I know I made the right choice by going through with it and that I can feel improvement as each week goes by, so dont let the initial annoyance of the constant eye drops and dryness get you down!! :)

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