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The dry eye threads have been awesome. I thought it would be helpful to take a poll for people suffering from dry eyes related to Lasik.

I had Lasik in January 2000 and have regeretted it ever since. My vision is wonderful but the eye dryness has changed my life drastically. It is sad that I've done this to myself. I would do anything to have normal eyes back and wearing glasses. Before surgery my eyes were fine - other than needing contacts or glasses.

Like many dry eye sufferers I have tried just about everything out there. I just came across information on TheraLife (tried TheraTears and BioTears) and will probably give it a shot. Currently, I am 4 weeks into Restasis and use TheraTears drops several times a day. I do notice a little difference with the Restasis but it's not a miracle. I have to hang onto this hope because it's just about my last option now.

Like many have experienced, the physicians minimize it because they don't understand it. I live in the Chicago are and am still looking for a physician I feel comfortable with.

Anyone else out there that developed dry eyes after they had Lasik done?
I started on Restasis at the beginning of February and I'm gradually noticing a difference. In the morning I'm starting to wake up with a little bit of crusty in my eyes and that has happened since my surgery. During the day, I use TheraTears drops in between the Restasis and that helps too.

As far as the computer, I found that nothing helps other than limiting my time. That's a problem when it's your job! I've heard that wearing glasses to minimize the eye stress has helped for some. I need to look into that more. But that sure is a bummer to have the surgery to get away from glasses and end up wearing them anyway!

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