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Hi Trinity,
My doctor charged $1200 which included the lenses and all subsequent follow-up appointments. My consultation (I had a full eye exam in addition to the CRT lens fitting) was refunded after I decided to purchase them, and there was a condition that if after a week I decided not to keep them, I would get $800 back. I don't know if this is comparable to all parts of the country, there was not much in the way of "comparison shopping" in my area.
After the first night of wearing them, I left them in place and reported to the doctor's office the next morning so he could check how they fit on my eye. My glasses were no longer appropriate, so I had to wear the lenses to drive to work, remove them, then put them back in to drive home. I did find I had to use rewetting drops to make them more comfortable, I can feel the edges of the lenses on my eyelids -- but they were not painful. As each day goes by the fit is more comfortable. I was wearing them for a short while this evening while watching TV, and they were barely noticeable. Over the course of the day, there is a point where vision gets less clear, but each day this point is later in the day. I was told that in 10-14 days the clarity should last all day. For me, they are the most comfortable when I first wake up.
I do have to tell you that at some times it does seem frustrating, especially those first few days where I had to keep taking them out and putting them back in. But I kept telling myself it would get easier... and it does.
I hope that answered your question. Feel free to ask more if you think of anything! Jilly

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