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Jilly Beans,
If you don't mind me asking, how much does this therapy cost? I think I remember reading some where that it was a lot cheaper than lasik. I am going to be looking into this as an alterative to lasik. I was set for lasik on 3/17, but after reading the consent form, I decided that lasik is just too risky. I don't want to risk losing my vision. I know the chance is small, but that is just it, there is still a chance. Now you stated that you had to wear these lenses during the day at first, were they uncomfortable after wearing all night? Keep posting your results, as I am really interested in knowing if it really works.

Hi Linda,
I'm not sure I understand why you will be wearing them during the daytime as opposed to sleep. I agree the good news if they can't fix mine I can just go back the way it was instead of being out a few grand and being that way permanently. If you read closely about Lasik they say the goal is 20/40 or better -- I'm afraid this might be the same thing... "Well, you can read the eye chart so the vision is good" ....not if I see 2 or 3 eye charts, in my opinion! The right eye, the one with the ghosting, is more nearsighted, but I'm finding it to be more dominant in close vision situations, like reading or using the PC. Anyway, you are making a good decision to wait until you have a balanced schedule to start the CRT.
Thanks for your well wishes, I'll fill you in. Jill

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