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I had the LASEK in leiu of the LASIK.The reason is my eyes are deep set and the doc told me he wasn't sure the device they use could slice off the lens deep enough.LASEK just slices off a thin portion of the lens and then they do the laser surgery on it.It is so thin that you wear a contact lens for a short while to keep the thin film from coming loose.It takes a lot longer to heal because you are actually forming a scab that gradually is replaced by new growth.You can't see good immediately after surgery.It takes a few weeks to stabilize.With LASIK the doc takes off a thick slice and works under the lens.The lens is thick enough to stay stuck on its own and you can immediately see well.The LASEK is touted to be somewhat safer in that if if fails,then you can redo it because you are working on a thick part of the eye as compared to the LASIK.PRK surgery is on the surface itself.It takes even longer to heal but is considered the safest.LASEK can be somewhat more painful than LASIK.I had some strong pain the day after.You may need pain pills just in case.

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