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I had my 7 day check up on weds.... left eye is longsighted, rigth eye is -5 shortsighted.... "both should be long sighted at this stage" was the comment, "but its still too early to tell"... "come back next week"..

Is this normal ??

Yes, I got both, a brown one (anti bacterial and a steroid,, FML). Using both, but both still inflammed and sore. Been told to continue with the FMl for another week.

Today both are not as bad as they were,. but my right eye vision is terrible...cant focus. It seems to be overnight my eyes are drying out so bad that they spend the day sore. Using "Refresh" every 1hour to keep the right one from hurting. Told to switch to Viscotears/hypromelloze....hope it helps..

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