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i'm 47 and have been wearing glasses for distance since the age of 10 (switched to contacts @17) and at 40 started having problems seeing close up as well. several years ago, my doc recommended monovision contacts so that i could see close up without reading glasses and also distance. i immediatedly loved them. you give up just a tad in the distance vision because one eye is actually less than perfect to allow you to see close up. after several years of wearing those, i opted to monovision lasik. my distance is not as good as it was with contacts, but the close up is awesome. i'm not one to put reading glasses on and off and after spending $4000 on lasik, do not want to be 'glued' to a pair of glasses. that's why i had the surgery in the first place! now i have a pair of glasses .75 in my distance eye and 1.25 in my closeup eye that i wear only at night while driving or i can wear them if i'm trying to see something as far away as china. anyway, my point is that i put them on in the car, take them off when i get out. with reading glasses, you'd be putting glasses on hundreds of times a day. i'm loving it. why don't you try monovision contacts to see if your brain can handle the difference before undergoing surgery? you might just love it!

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