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Love your name! Very Cute!
Aren't makeup allergies the pits? Mine is Lake Blue I think #3 or #5 or something like that. If that color is among the ingredients anywhere in eyeshadow, I can forget using it. I get itchy bumps which are either seriosis (sp) or exyma (sp). My Mom used to have the same allergy. She recently noticed that she must have grown out of it because she said she can wear anything now. Must be nice. Who new that pink has blue in it? I can wear brown...I think. Although, my allergy to anything with blue in it just hit me around the middle to the end of this past year and I haven't even tried browns since it started happening so, I can't say for sure if browns bother me or not. It was never as uncomfortalbe once it got inside my eye until after my surgery though. Ugh! I just hope that I didn't do any harm to my healing corneas because I had a couple of break outs post-op. Not for over a month but, I did have some because some of the shadow that I was using before my surgery only started bothering me after my surgery. Weird huh? Anyway, I learned my lesson. I guess I will have to wait until I am in my 60's like my mom to be able to wear those pretty pink eyeshadows again. Hehehe!
I don't know if the color of you eyes has something to do with it or not. I have kind of an olive green color eyes. Who knows? But, thank you for the food for thought!

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