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I had my Lasik 11 days ago and have some questions for others who have had it done. I am finding that I feel quite tired after only a couple of hours of "eye use". My vision is, at the one week mark, slightly over-corrected: +0.5/0 (astigmatism) in one eye and +0.75/0.75 in the other eye. I can see 20/20, although I do not believe it is as clear as it was before with my glasses (I was -3.0 before), and everything looks clear EXCEPT text. Not that it is super fuzzy/blurry, just that I find it "uncomfortable" to read text (dr. says this may be because of the residual astigmatism in the one eye). The dr. says that we will determine if I need reading glasses at my 1 month check-up. In the meantime - I am stuck being uncomfortable reading, which is not good as I help manage an online business and I am finding that I can not spend time at the computer monitor.

So, my questions are - have other people experienced this fatigue, and does it go away over time? How much recovery time before I will not be feeling so "eye-tired"? And, the reading thing - I am young enough (35) that neither the dr. nor I thought that I would be having a problem with this - comments?


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