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Re: Prk
Jun 4, 2007

Yes, my vision finally cleared up and I have 20/20 vision now. The only problem is that I deployed overseas since then and noticed near the end of my deployment my eyes were straining when I would read or look at things up close and it was a little blurry.

My eyes were extremely dry and hard to keep open (to the point of pain, mainly in the mornings) over there and I attributed this to the environment.

Shortly after getting home I went in to see my eye doctor and he told me that I have a slight astigmatism and not to be concerned. He felt that the surgery had nothing to do with it and for now it's just something that he felt I could deal with as long as I use eye drops with no need for corrective lenses.

They told me in the initial assesment that even after the surgery, I could still have a need in the future to wear reading glasses and I understood this. I still would have had the procedure looking back as it is great not to have to wear contacts or glasses and if I need to wear reading glasses in the future, then that's acceptable to me.

On a side note, the doctor told me that they are in the process of developing a type of surgery which corrects near and far sightedness at the same time.

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