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Probably doing it!
Mar 23, 2005
I went for my screening today, every thing looks pretty good. Im supposed to go in on April 3rd for my pre-op testing. They said that will take about 2 hours. Then I schedule my surgery after that. I will be giving a valum (cant spell) 1 hour before the surgery, then a sleeping pill to take so I can sleep for at least 4 hours after surgery. Im actually having IntraLasik, where the make the flap with the laser. I guess a lot of Docs do the flap with an actual blade. Anyway, to those who have had it, they say not to rub your eyes for 1 week after the procedure & not to get water in your eyes. How do you wash your face??? Without drying your eyelids?
I worried about the whole don't rub your eyes and don't wash your eyes with water or get water in them but, it is not difficult. If you get water on them in the shower, just use your washcloth to very gently dab them dry. As long as you keep your eyes shut in the shower you won't get water in them. Also, my doc told me to get some non-preserved saline to use to clean around my eyes for a month post op. Don't get the stuff that people use to clean contacts. That has preservatives in it. I had to go to my local hospital's pharmacy and ask for it. It came in a big bottle. It may help to ask for the same stuff that doctors use to irrigate a flesh wound. Most people just think contact solution when you say saline. Anyway, don't get it in your eye...I know that sounds harder than it actually is. Dip a cotton ball in it and gently rub over your eyelids. One thing doc told me not to rub for 4 weeks. I am not questioning your doc and it could be different because they are using laser to cut the corneal flap as opposed to the blade. I don't know. But, I think to be safe, you might clarify with your doctor that he said 1 week or just don't rub for 4 weeks. Keep in mind, if that flap moves, they will have to fix it. Better safe then sorry!

Congrats on being a candidate and keep in touch after your surgery! If you have any questions...this is the best place to ask. Everyone here was so helpful to me when I had questions...and 2 months and one week post op, they still are.
I had Lasik done a couple weeks ago, and I agree with what Hating Glasses said. I was worried about rubbing my eyes as well. I really haven't needed to rub them, though. They don't bother me like they did when I wore contacts. I don't think it's black and white that once the week has passed you can rub as hard as you want. As I understand it, the flap is relatively secure after a week or two so you can apply a little pressure without messing anything up. As time goes on and it heals more, you can apply more pressure.

As for the shower, I was told to stand with my back to the water. When I wash my hair, I kinda use my hand as a visor to make sure nothing runs down into my eyes. I wash my face afterwards in the sink with a washcloth and just stay away from the eyes. My eyelids are a little greasy but I'll survive. Good luck if you decide to have it done; I think you'll find that it's definitely worth all the minor inconveniences.

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