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Going in 3/31/05 :)
Mar 24, 2005
:) I have been reading this board for about a month now. I am finally writing mainly to thank all of you that put on such great advice.
I am having LASIK done next Thursday 3/31/05. I am very excited about it and feel very comfortable with my doctor’s skills. His name is DR. Peter Donshik. He is in Bloomfield, CT. If anyone has used him I would love to hear how it went. He gave me the option of using LASIK or LASEK. It seems to me that the slight increase in risk is worth the faster recovery time so I have opted to do LASIK. Does anyone disagree with my choice? I would be interested in any feedback. Also, I was given the option to take Valium before the surgery. I am not a very nervous guy when it comes to medical procedures and am not sure I will need it. I am just thinking that if I am a little nervous it might make it easier to watch the red light. Did anyone have trouble with that? Thanks for any replies and all of your past postings!

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