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After several years of wearing contact lenses contentedly, I have decided to start thinking about Lasik. Before I used to think, why on earth would I want surgery when contact lenses do the trick? Surgery is expensive. Now, I am thinking, contact lenses are expensive too! And the thought of waking up and being able to see the clock is wonderful. I also like the idea of being able to swim and not worry about contacts.

I have been wearing glasses since 3rd grade. I'm now a freshman in college. I'm 19. I need to get new glasses every year because my eyes get worse. I know you need to be stable to get Lasik, but my eye doctor said some doctors will occasionally do surgery on people who's eyes keep getting worse to correct what they have now, and stop it from getting even more worse. He said right now my eyes are where they want them to be for surgery.

I just got new glasses yesterday, and my current prescription is -4.0 in one eye, and -3.75 in the other, with a slight astigmatism in one eye (not sure which one).

So, any thoughts on the procedure? Which laser procedure is best? Just how much does it cost? Anyone see any reason why I couldn't have it (other than my eyes keep getting worse and I'm a little young)?

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