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I don't know much about the thickness factor about your cornea but, one thing I wanted to ask is wether you were really nervous during your exam? That can also contribute to your high pressure. Mine was slightly elevated during my exam because I was so nervous that I might not be a candidate and I was going to be broken hearted if I wasn't. Anyway, my nurse just told me to take some deep breathes and try to relax. I did so and my pressure went down to normal. You may have been a little worked up. Next time you go in, if you are a caffeine drinker, don't drink it. If you are thirsty, try water or a non-caffeinated, not terribly sugary beverage. Do everything you can to calm yourself down and see if that helps some. I know that the corneal thickness has something to do with their worries about when they are going to cut the flap. They don't want them too thick or too thin. But, I think there is some new technology they use now in those situations in which they actually cut the flap using a laser. You might ****** "corneal flap thickness" and see if that tells you anything. And maybe include the words lasik and lasek in your search terms.

Good luck and I hope everything works out well for you. Just remember to try to relax and see if that helps. Try to talk yourself into staying calm until after the exams...and then you can allow yourself all of the nerves you want! Heheh!

Take care and let us all know how it goes!

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