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Lasik in 8 hours
Apr 3, 2005
3 o'clock in the morning - can't sleep - very nervous about this surgery - particularly as I' donít think I've left my contact lenses out for long enough. Soft lenses - left them out for three days prior to the consultation and now another three till the procedure - hope to god I havenít lumbered myself with vision problems for the rest of my life.

Doctor says that my " astigmatism is all over the place" - could this be caused by not leaving the lenses out long enough? Plus I'm pretty sure that my prescription is all over the place - I'm just really anxious to have this done - sick of wearing lenses - theyíre a constant drag on my life - my eyes get really sore after eight hours with them in - cant go swimming etc.

I realise that I'm posting this at a rather unsociable hour but would be great to hear form someone in the next thirty minutes or so...

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