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Don't worry. I still have occassional blurriness and had my surgery nearly 3 months ago. The chances are, your left eye is drier than your right. That was my case. The doc said looking at my left eye with his magnifying instrument thing was like looking at a picture of the Sahara dessert. Try putting a drop or two more in that eye than you do in your right and see if that helps. My doc also sent me home with post-op answers to frequently asked questions. One thing he said was that your eyes will heal at different rates. Everyone compares their sight to others and from eye to eye post-op but, they don't do it pre-op so, you never really realize the subtle differences in your eyes before you get the surgery. He said, your feet and hands are different and it is the same with your eye sight. Don't worry. Any differences that you notice are to be expected!

Congrats and happy new sight!

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