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I has my Lasik surgery on Thurs. Mar. 31st. I have 20/20 vision in my right eye and everything is crystal clear. But am having problems with blurred vision in my left eye, recheck today produced vision of 20/25. My Dr. is not concerned as all tests have come out fine. He says it may take a few weeks to heal completely. I am just frustrated and concerned that my vision will continue to be blurry. I know I should just be more patient as it has only been 4 days. But that's all I think about all my vision any clearer??? Is it normal to have some blurred vision after lasik? Of course staring at the spreadsheets on my computer today at work is not helping, but I have to be here. Eyes are so tired, wanting to go back to sleep. Thanks for listening.

I had Lasik done a few weeks ago. I have heard that it can take up to three months for your vision to fully stabilize, so I wouldn't get worried yet. For the first week or two, my eyes also felt tired, especially after a long day at work. Just remember to keep putting in your drops. That's great that everything else looks fine.
I had my lasik done one month ago. From my 3 day appt to my 1 week appt there was little change. Today I had my one month follow up and still have blurred vision - particularly in my right eye as I have an astigmatism in that eye (in fact, that eye has regressed a bit from what it was during the first week). The optometrist says he is going to consult the surgeon to see if he recommends steroid drops or an enhancement. I was hoping to get some reading glasses so that I can at least do some computer work... thankfully I am a SAHM right now and don't "need" to work at the computer. Anyhow, it seems my reading life is on hold until further notice... at least it is not as bad as some people I have read about!

About the tiredness - I found my eyes really tired for about the first week and a half. Then, as they healed, they were not as tired anymore.

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