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Hi Zip

Glad to hear your gonna get your eyes done! It was a wonderful experience for me. The whole procedure took about 6 mins total, from start to end. Take the valuim, they help wonderfully. Um, I was completely freaked out the day before my surgery, I was so nervous. But once your in the chair, they put the numbing drops in, and then they put the lid seperator thingee in, which is a bit uncomfortable, but not painful at all. Just feels like pressure, its in before you know it. They cut my flap with a laser, not the mikrokeratome. It took Id say about 30 seconds for the flap. You actually cant really see anything during the procedure. I couldnt see the doc coming at me to peel down the flap. But they tell you everything they are doing. Im not sure if I teared up, because my eyes were numb. My doc didnt mention anything to me about it. So after they do the flap, they move you over to the actul laser, which takes about a minute or 2. All I could see during this was a red dot, which the doc told me to follow. After that, your done!!! It is sooooooooooooo easy and not painful at all!!! You will be amazed! Um, my eyes did great post-op. Sometimes they felt a bit grainy, especially my right one. But just put your drops in like your supposed to, and it will be fine. I just went on my first vacation since having it done. It was a road trip, and it was so awesome to be able to see everything so clearly. Although, while on vacation, my right eye got really blurry all of a sudden, and a lil painful, like someone poked me in it. But I guess my eyes are still healing, so its to be expected. It was fine after a few hours. I still had some of the antibiotic drops left, so I put a drop in my eye, and took a motrin for the pain, and ta-da! Back to normal. I guess everyone is different. But I am already back to wearing eye makeup, with no problems. Its been almost 3 weeks. Im extremely happy I did it, as Im sure you will be. Ask your doc every question you have, no matter what it is. We sure are paying them enough for it!! Good luck!!
BTW: When you have your mapping done, they will dilate your eyes. Please take some sunglasses and a hat or something to keep the sun out of your eyes on the way home. Anything white will be almost blinding to look at. Mine stayed dilated for 36 hours!! I guess they use stronger dilation drops for this versus a regular eye exam! Keep in touch!

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