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Re: Wow!!!!
Apr 14, 2005
Your not a dork or a loser!! I have actually already done that!!! Put on my glasses (with my eyes closed of course!) And my bf was just like I just saw you with them on this morning. In a few weeks tho he wont remember that girl! I was telling him that I wanted to take my old glasses and crush them!! But I wont. I think I will donate them to charity... I am on the east coast, FL actually :) But yeah, my best friend went with me and she watched the whole thing through this window, and they also had video screens that showed my actual eyeball and what they were doing to it. She said it took a total of only 6 mins!!! It was awesome!!! Thanks for calming me down! You helped me out a lot :) Im putting my drops in every 2 hrs, and am sleeping with the eyeshields on, too. Things are a lil foggy this morning, but Im positive I can drive myself to my post-op appt this morning, which I have to go get ready for now. i think the only gross part about it is, when I put the drops in, it kinda like runs down into my throat and I can taste it...Weird... But I can absolutely live with it!! Yay, Im so happy for us ;) And for everyone whose surgery turned out great ;) !!!! gotta go!
Talk to ya later :wave:

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