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Re: Wow!!!!
Apr 14, 2005
Congrats! I am so happy it all went well for you! I did the same thing with my glasses too. And, just this weekend, I found them where I last left them, put them on and finally got to see what other people saw when they would try my glasses on. I can't believe that I was ever that visually impaired. Ugh! Hehehee!
I remember how those drops tasted when they would go down my throat. I hated it too but, it was worth it.
Did your doc suggest that you get Saline to clean your eyelids and the area around your eyes? Mine did. It has to be non-preserved and is not the same stuff as the contact solution. It is not, and should not say, saline solution on the bottle. I actually had to go to my local hospital's pharmacy and get a bottle there. It is the same stuff that doctors use to flush out flesh wounds. I was warned not to get it into my eyes (which trust me, you won't as long as you are careful) because it would burn like heck. Anyway, get a bottle of it and apply it very lightly with a cotton ball. Don't rub too hard or press. That will help keep your new peepers whistle clean and get rid of the eye drop crust. Do it for a month. You aren't allowed to use soap to clean around your eyes for that period of time.
Congrats again and keep in touch!

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