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I was told by one lady that has had PRK and works at a reputable eye surgery firm here in Va. Beach that with Lasik there is [I]always[/I] a danger of dirt getting under the flap or it becoming dislodged [I]forever [/I] that doesn't exist when you have the flap cut with a laser; as with PRK? [I]Forever[/I] is pretty far after the 2 week healing period I would say....
I haven't heard that anywhere else and can't seem to find any info on it. Does anyone have anything they can add to enlighten me on this?

Here is a link that I think I posted in a different thread a few days ago:


The site seems pretty reputable. The answer to your question would seem to be that there's no way for dirt to get under the flap, but that the flap could come dislodged with some serious force (although that force would damage an eye that hasn't had lasik as well).
Regarding dislodging the flap...My brother inquired as he is an instructor of Jui Jit Sui (excuse the spelling) martial arts which involves wrestling, fighting and boxing. He was told to NOT get lasik due to the high probability of his eye getting hit, rubbed,pressed on or punched.

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