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Re: Makeup removal
May 6, 2005
You're not being dense. Trust me! You are not the first person post op to worry about eye trauma and rubbing. I poked my eye 2 days post op with the tip of my eye dropper. It hurt but, I didn't damage it at all. I went to my doc to make sure it was ok. He messed with me by doing that tsk tsk sound and saying, "So young. Such a shame." He was joking. He said most patients come back at one point or another shortly after their surgery thinking they have done something to damage their eye.

Anyway, now that I have bored you, my point was, never worry about being dense on this board. Our eyes are so important and you can never be too careful. To answer your question, just very gentley rub over your eye lids and around the eye. You will kind of be able to tell if you are being to rough. Your eye has had a week to heal so, it is tougher than you think. That being said, don't put alot of pressure on the cotton ball. Basically, when you can feel the cotton ball, you have applied enough pressure. Does that make any sense? Don't press...just kind of glide it over your eyelid. I think at that time in the healing, if you put too much pressure on your eye, you will have a kind of grainy feeling. You shouldn't experience any discomfort while using the cotton ball. I hope I am explaining this well. It is hard to do without being able to demonstrate. You will know if you have put too much pressure on it.
Gentle is the key.
Let me know if you have any more questions. At 3 and a half months post op, I feel like a crusty veteran now! Hehehe!

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