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Re: Makeup removal
May 6, 2005
Hey shopgrrl,
Congrats on your new eyes! My doctor told me to clean the area around my eyes (eyelids and all) with Saline. Not Saline Solution like people use to clean their contacts but, pure Saline. Some grocery stores have it but I had to go to my local hospital's pharmacy and buy a bottle from them. If you can't find it in the grocery store, check out your hospital's pharmacy. Ask first for a bottle of Saline...again, not saline solution. The word solution should not be on the bottle. In fact, I think it is non-preserved Saline (just salt and water). If they are confused, tell them it is the same stuff that doctors use to flush out wounds. That should tell them everything they need to know to get you the right stuff. Anyway, take a cotton ball and put some of the saline on the ball and very gentally rub all over your eyes. It doesn't remove the make up easily but, it does work. Just make sure not to get it into your eyes as I was told it would burn like the devil. And, don't worry, as long as you keep your eyes shut, you shouldn't have any problem keeping it out of them. That is the most gentle and clean stuff to use. I was told to use it for a month post-op. Then after that, just use whatever you used to use.
About the makeup, if you are experiencing any itchy or dryness and are using a powder based eyeshadow, go out and see if you can find a cream eyeshadow because it won't dust into your eyes which can irritate them while they are healing.
Good luck and let us know how you are doing!

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