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I don't like to drive either and tend to stay within a 2 mile radius. Scary. I can see the computer screen well, but the further past that, the fuzzier it is and I just don't want to risk hitting something in the road, ya know? Refraction is when they put that metal mask on your face in front of your eyes and say, "One or two" and you pick which is better. As far as the chart goes, none of it is very clear. They tell me to blink and guess. My comment is, 'But that's not vision, that's guessing.' Don't want to trust 'guessing' on 95, ya know?! Aug 11 will be 3 months for you then. Make sure that your refraction has not changed. This means, before they do the enhancement, make sure your refraction is the same twice in a row. If not, your eyes could still be healing/changing and 3 months may be too soon for a touch up. Some people wait 6 to 9 months just to be sure. This is best decided between you and your surgeon, just don't feel like you have to rush anything. OK? Are you still afraid to touch your eyes or did you get over that pretty quickly? I also understand how you feel between light and dark. I don't know if this is because we are blurry and it just seems worse when it's darker or if it's something from the surgery. You should ask your surgeon about this when you next meet, just to be sure. Tell them EVERYTHING that is bothering you, ghosting, double vision, dim vision, anything. It's important for them to know. Did you have custom lasik? I didn't, but I think they can give you an enhancement with it. Doesn't hurt to ask. ;)

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