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Yep, it certainly is a downer, isn't it?

My post-op instructions stated you can expect to have 70% of your vision by the next day - and able to drive. 90% there by the weekend - and 100% by 3 weeks. Well - so much for setting the proper expectations! I could not drive the next day. Still feel unconfortable driving without glasses even today (only do this locally). Shadows are a problem too - seems like I have difficulty adjusting from sun to shade.

I was very nearsighted. I've forgotten the exact numbers - but it was at least a -7 in both eyes - might have been -8. I think I'm down in the same range you are now - about 20/30 left, probably 20/40 right. I'm not sure my refractions have been tested - if so, they haven't mentioned. What does that mean? I can read some of the chart - but not very far down, that's for sure! My next appointment is in about 3 weeks. At that point we'll probably be talking about enhancement.

How about you - can you read any of the chart?

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