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I had LASIK about a week and a half ago. At my one week post op, the doctor said that my right eye was still very swollen and that as the swelling goes down my vision "should" improve. My left eye is doing fabulous, but I can't see a whole lot with my right, in fact I'd say It is worse now than before the surgery. Is it normal for one eye to heal so much more quickly than the other? I am becoming very concerned.
[QUOTE=elizab3th]I had LASIK about a week and a half ago. At my one week post op, the doctor said that my right eye was still very swollen and that as the swelling goes down my vision "should" improve. My left eye is doing fabulous, but I can't see a whole lot with my right, in fact I'd say It is worse now than before the surgery. Is it normal for one eye to heal so much more quickly than the other? I am becoming very concerned.[/QUOTE]

Elizabeth, I had Lasik last year and didn't have any swelling that I am aware of. The steriod drops they give you to use are supposed to keep all of that under control, and help the eyes to heal properly. I had problems with my right eye, but it was because it was severely dry. It burned and hurt for nearly a year, and just about tormented me to death! It's a lot better now, nearly a year and a half later. But, I also had to have an enhancement on that eye too. I see great now.

If your doc said the eye is swollen, as opposed to infected or having a problem with the flap, then I would sit tight for another week or two. Be sure to use the steroid drops several times a day and that you shake the container up before using them. You also may want to try lubricating drops such as Systane as often as you think are necessary. Have you noticed any improvement since you posted a couple days ago?
No improvement yet. In fact, I'm going to say it is worse. Now it feels like I have something in my right eye, sand or something, but I didn't find anything. I keep flushing my eye with wetting drops, but to no avail. As for the steroid, the doc said to use for the first 4 days only. My next appointment is June 8, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed until then.
[QUOTE=elizab3th]No improvement yet. In fact, I'm going to say it is worse. Now it feels like I have something in my right eye, sand or something, but I didn't find anything. I keep flushing my eye with wetting drops, but to no avail. As for the steroid, the doc said to use for the first 4 days only. My next appointment is June 8, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed until then.[/QUOTE]

I didn't have any of this when I had my surgery.

I would suggest, at the very least, you call the doctor and explain your symptoms. Were it me and my eyes, if I had those symptoms, I would not wait till the 8th to see the doctor. That is OVER two weeks from now.

Take care,
Here is my experience. My right eye has healed much faster than my left eye. I had my surgery 4+ months ago. My left eye was almost constantly dry and for the first month or more, it felt like I had a grain of sand in it, periodically. Try not to fuss with it when it feels like that. It seems to be a part of the healing process and may be worse in one eye than the other. But, I found that the more I tugged at my eyelashes in my left eye when it felt like a lash or a grain of sand was in it, the worse that feeling got and the longer it lasted. I know it is difficult to resist the urge to fuss with your eye but, do try. Your eyes are like a scab right now. Pick at them and fuss with them, and they will take longer to heal. Now, due to they dryness in my left eye, it was blurry most of the time. Basically, your eyes need an obscene amount of moisture to heal and that moisture helps keep them crystal clear. The doctors will tell you to lubricate 4 - 6 times a day but, my doctor told me to lubricate even when I didn't really feel I needed to because, my left eye looked like the desert even after I had just put drops in. I was putting drops in that eye about every 30 minutes and sometimes even more often than that. One thing that helped me go from having to put drops in my eyes that often to being able to drop them once in the morning when I woke up and once in the evening before I went to bed was Refresh Liquigel. I started using it April 28th and my eyes have been so much better. They still have their moments but, you might give it a shot in case you haven't already. You might see a difference with proper lubrication. I know it is annoying. I experienced what sounds like exactly the same thing. It is very normal for one eye to heal quicker than the other. One eye may have been slightly worse than the other and even if that isn't the case, while our eyes work together, they are 2 separate parts of our bodies. Even before surgery, they had their differences. My doc told me that everyone's vision fluctuates day to day and even hour by hour from eye to eye. Your differences in speed of healing are very normal. Try to relax and know that I had much the same experience. Even today, 4+ months later, my left eye is still fussy and a little irritable right now. And, they both are still very dry in the morning when I wake up. One thing that may help is a humidifier. I spent a week in a very humid environment last week and my eyes felt amazingly better. There were days that I only used my drops to make sure that I didn't have a problem. I think I even missed one day. Try to stay away from fans or air conditioning vents right below, in front of, or above you. They tend to dry you out too.

I hope I was of some comfort and help. I am sorry this was so long but, when I was worried about my results, I felt comforted the more detailed others were.

Take care and don't worry unless the doctor tells you to. Everyone heals differently. I have known people who had absolutely no dryness or discomfort post-op. We are all very different so don't let those who have had wonderful immediate post-op experiences make you think that you are in danger.

Take care and keep in touch.
Well, the thing in my eye ended up being an eyelash (how embarrassing that I didn't see it). Vision hasn't improved at all though. I'm resigned to having to have an enhancement... question: is an enhancement performed the same as the original surgery? (cutting the cornea and all?)
I am glad that the pain is gone. There were a couple of times when the thing in my eye actually were eyelashes and, since I have pets, I had actually managed one time, to get a cat hair or some piece of fur in my eye. I don't have any idea how. It may have blown up into my face while walking outside or something. Who knows but, most of the other times when it felt like something was in my eye, it was all just the normal healing of my corneas.

As for the enhancement...I don't know for sure how that works but, I think, after 3 months of healing, your doc may be able to do it. And, I think, while the flap is safely in place at that time, it can just be lifted to do the enhancement. Don't take my word for that because I am really not sure how it works. It just seems to me that I remember reading somewhere that it can be done that way because it takes some time for the cornea to actually fully seal itself even though it is hard to be dislodged after a month or so of healing. Ask your doc for sure. It can't hurt to let him know of your future plans. The more informed he is, the better he will be at helping you be better informed yourself.

Keep in touch.
Hi Elizabeth,

I had lasik surgery on May 11th - and I still do not have the vision that I was told I would have. It's been a long, slow recovery period. I may be looking at an enhancement as well. From what I understand - they do not have to cut a new flap - so the procedure should be slightly easier than before.

How are you doing now? Any better?

I'm still hoping to achieve 20/20 - but as each day passes hope fades. Tomorrow it will be 2 months since the surgery.

Take care,


I can understand your depression. I had surgery June 2 and was told 'I would be seeing just fine in 2 weeks'.....well, I'm still blurry, fussy, double vision and also had cells under my flap. SO, I'm there with ya! Some people here have stated that it took them the full 6 months to truly appreciate their vision. Were you a high myope prior to surgery? I was a -8L -9R. I am about a -1.50 to -2 now, with refraction? Have they tested your refractions? Also, are you able to read the chart at all clearly on your own?
Yep, it certainly is a downer, isn't it?

My post-op instructions stated you can expect to have 70% of your vision by the next day - and able to drive. 90% there by the weekend - and 100% by 3 weeks. Well - so much for setting the proper expectations! I could not drive the next day. Still feel unconfortable driving without glasses even today (only do this locally). Shadows are a problem too - seems like I have difficulty adjusting from sun to shade.

I was very nearsighted. I've forgotten the exact numbers - but it was at least a -7 in both eyes - might have been -8. I think I'm down in the same range you are now - about 20/30 left, probably 20/40 right. I'm not sure my refractions have been tested - if so, they haven't mentioned. What does that mean? I can read some of the chart - but not very far down, that's for sure! My next appointment is in about 3 weeks. At that point we'll probably be talking about enhancement.

How about you - can you read any of the chart?
I don't like to drive either and tend to stay within a 2 mile radius. Scary. I can see the computer screen well, but the further past that, the fuzzier it is and I just don't want to risk hitting something in the road, ya know? Refraction is when they put that metal mask on your face in front of your eyes and say, "One or two" and you pick which is better. As far as the chart goes, none of it is very clear. They tell me to blink and guess. My comment is, 'But that's not vision, that's guessing.' Don't want to trust 'guessing' on 95, ya know?! Aug 11 will be 3 months for you then. Make sure that your refraction has not changed. This means, before they do the enhancement, make sure your refraction is the same twice in a row. If not, your eyes could still be healing/changing and 3 months may be too soon for a touch up. Some people wait 6 to 9 months just to be sure. This is best decided between you and your surgeon, just don't feel like you have to rush anything. OK? Are you still afraid to touch your eyes or did you get over that pretty quickly? I also understand how you feel between light and dark. I don't know if this is because we are blurry and it just seems worse when it's darker or if it's something from the surgery. You should ask your surgeon about this when you next meet, just to be sure. Tell them EVERYTHING that is bothering you, ghosting, double vision, dim vision, anything. It's important for them to know. Did you have custom lasik? I didn't, but I think they can give you an enhancement with it. Doesn't hurt to ask. ;)
Yes - then I did have the refractives tested. Blinking and staring at the chart - things always seem to change when I look at it. Ahhh! I will be asking lots of questions to both my surgeon and my post op doctor next visit. I did have custom zyoptics - and enhancements are free for the first year. However - I really would rather not go in for Lasik again. Have you read all those horror stories on Scary stuff.

Thanks for all of your advice. It sounds as if you have researched this thoroughly!

It is helpful knowing there are other people going through the same thing. Good luck to you - I hope your vision continues to get better. I'll hope to post back at some point saying things have improved here. We'll see what happens in the coming weeks.
:) Yes, I read that site AFTER my surgery and it scared me to death. Don't know if I could have ever had the surgery if I read it first. But remember, thousands of other people have had the surgery, many people here even, and they are happy. I'm nervous about an enhancement as well. I have been praying for my eyes to heal to 20/20 on their own. One person here said it did take them the full 6 months to have vision they are happy with, others were happy the next day and stayed happy and yet others took a few months to heal perfect. I have been reading a lot of stuff on the internet, so that I am sure to ask my surgeon the right questions. I also read where a woman had the same refraction for 2 months in a row, but by the 4th month, everything was perfect for her. So time can heal this, before an enhancement is considered. (I believe) has a list of questions to ask your surgeon, but I think it's before the surgery is performed. Just remember why you decided to have the surgery in the first place and go from there. My reason was that in '95 I was a -6.25R -6L and in '05 my prescription was -9.25R -8.50L, where would I be in another 10 years? I know a woman who has to wear contacts to see far and reading glasses (biofocals basically), I didn't want that to be me. So just keep as positive as you can (I know it's hard when you can't 'see') and write a list of all your questions. Write down the answers they give you and go from there. Waiting is better than rushing into the enhancement, especially since you have 9.5 months left to still receive your free enhancement. :)
Congrats! I am so happy to hear that you are fine now and happy with your site! That is good to hear and I am sure it gives hope to anyone who has had a bad experience!
I'm hoping mine is just swelling also and it will go down. I am a proven slow healer in other surgeries I've had. Although it worries me that my eyes seemed to have not changed since the day after surgery. They seem the same to me - not better, not worse and not fluctuating. I'm not sure what my numbers are but for example, while driving I can't read the license plate of the car that is about 1.5 cars in front of me. Of course, this makes it hard to drive - even harder at night. At first I thought I might have the halos etc that people talk about but I think that the lights are just bigger b/c they are blurry and I can't see them.

I spoke with the Dr (my next appt isn't until 4/15) and he told me it is probably swelling and that if it hadn't gotten better by my appt he would give me some glasses. Yee-haa just what I wanted - glasses! He also said we could do an enhancement in 3 mos. I'm not real excited about that. I barely survived the first time. I hope he doesn't think I'm paying for an enhancement...he gets a lot of his business from my workplace so I think it is in his best interest to keep me happy. I would prefer if I could wake up tomorrow and see perfectly!! Here's hoping!!!!!!!!!!

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